Passover 2024 France

Parc & Spa les Cigognes Albé

22nd April to 1st May 2024

Starting from 1690€ per adult

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Mimouna party

about the organizer:

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Sarah Tours, your trusted kosher travel expert for over 32 years. Explore our meticulously crafted Passover programs, kosher stays, and tours, blending tradition and luxury seamlessly. Join us for an unforgettable experience in 2024 – discover the world while cherishing your cultural and culinary preferences. Elevate your travel with Sarah Tours, where every moment is tailored to exceed expectations. Join us for Passover 2024 and create lasting memories. Your adventure awaits!

about the hotel:

Indulge in tranquility at Pac & Spa Les Cigognes in Albé, France. Nestled in the heart of Alsace, our spa offers a rejuvenating escape amidst picturesque landscapes. Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art facilities, including a sauna, steam room, and therapeutic treatments. Our skilled therapists cater to your well-being, ensuring a serene experience. The fusion of traditional Alsace charm and modern wellness awaits you. Discover the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury at Pac & Spa Les Cigognes, where every visit promises a harmonious journey for mind, body, and soul.

about the program:

Indulge in Culinary Delights:

Full Board during Holidays & Shabbat

Half Board during Hol HaMoed

Experience a symphony of flavors with our Passover program, offering a delectable journey through festive cuisine. Enjoy the luxury of full board during holidays and Shabbat, where each meal is a celebration of tradition and taste. During Hol HaMoed, savor half board options including breakfast and dinner, allowing you to explore local culinary delights while maintaining the essence of Passover. Our expert chefs craft a diverse menu, ensuring every bite reflects our commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience.


Mimouna Magic: A Night of Celebration with Music

Celebrate the end of Passover in style at our enchanting Mimouna party. Immerse yourself in a night of joy, music, and cultural festivities as we mark the transition from Passover to regular life with a vibrant and lively Mimouna celebration.


Spiritual Harmony: Prayer Services and Melodic Hazzan

Elevate your Passover experience with soulful prayer services led by our skilled Hazzan. His beautiful voice resonates in the tranquil surroundings, creating an atmosphere of spiritual reflection and harmony. Join us for moments of devotion that complement the festive celebrations.


Explore Albé:

Embark on a unique exploration of Alsace’s cultural and historical treasures from the tranquil haven of Pac & Spa Les Cigognes in Albé, France, tailored for Jewish tourists. Begin with a visit to the Synagogue of Hagenau, a symbol of Alsace’s Jewish heritage. Delve into the region’s past with a guided tour of the Jewish Museum of Alsace, showcasing artifacts and stories spanning centuries.


Explore the charming villages along the Alsace Wine Route, including Riquewihr and Eguisheim, while savoring kosher delights at local eateries. Pay homage to history at the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle and discover the unique blend of Jewish culture within the Alsace region.


In Strasbourg, marvel at the beautiful Strasbourg Synagogue and explore the Jewish quarter, resonating with history. Indulge in a culinary journey with kosher options in Colmar and Strasbourg, immersing yourself in the rich flavors of Alsatian cuisine.


Uncover the spiritual significance of Mont Sainte-Odile and engage in moments of reflection. Tailor your experience with a focus on Jewish heritage, seamlessly blending relaxation at the spa with a culturally enriching exploration of Alsace’s captivating sites. Let Pac & Spa Les Cigognes be the starting point for an immersive journey that celebrates both the natural beauty and cultural diversity of this enchanting region.

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