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    Le Terraz


    Kosher Restaurant Marrakech

    מסעדה כשרה מרקש

    Contact : +212 639 813 071

    • Breakfast (Halav Israel)
    • Lunch & Dinner (Meat : Glatt Kosher Lamehadrine)
    • Shabbat on reservation
    • Kosher half board or full board stay available at Jaal Riad Resort 5*

    Le Terraz Pashutaim pays particular attention and rigor to the observance of the halakhoth.

    The meats come from the best hachgahot in the world (RAV Rèvah – orthodoxe union) Our meats also come from the company Morocco Kosher Meat which produces quality meats under high level of quality (Loubavitch Morocco,  Vaad kosher Morocco under the direction of Rav Rèvah Orthodox UNION. The team of chèhita bodkè houts and pnim come from Israel and France.)

    The milk & cheese are Halav Israel from France under the hachgaha of Rav Schlesinger – Strasbourg, the great beth din of France and Casablanca Kosher Commission.

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